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With an arm wrapped around a girder she managed to somehow save herself and at the same time clutch brother Willy by his braces as he dangled over the edge of the girder.

George Walters had no sooner settled himself down when the train began the descent towards the bridge. Walters remarked to Maxwell that there was something wrong, the train was jerking. Maxwell glanced out of the window opened the door and jumped out alighting safely on the side of the track.

The decision to build a railway bridge across the Blaauwkrantz gorge appeared to some as if modern man with all the engineering skills at his command was challenging the spiritual world of Africa and superstitious folk trembled at the consequences of this attack on the powerful realm of spirits.

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The 10.20 to Grahamstown
(The Blaauwkrantz Bridge Railway Disaster)

A tragic episode from Grahamstown's past. Ben Bezuidenhout spent two years researching the event and the result is a very readable book about, what was at the time in 1911, the worst disaster in peace time South Africa. Thirty people from the Albany District died that day and many others incurred terrible injuries. How did it happen? What were the causes? The findings? Read about the myths and legends surrounding the train disaster. Many say that this was a disaster waiting to happen. You will be amazed at the bravery and fearlessness of the rescuers. There were miraculous escapes and weird incidents. Read how little Maude Smith was discovered hanging from a girder and how she lived to tell her story. Imagine the thoughts going through the mind of one father who came out with the rescue train only to discover the remains of his beloved daughter. Total families were wiped out, many children were orphaned. 22 April, 1911 is a day Grahamstown will never forget. Ben Bezuidenhout runs a well organised tour to the bridge site. Log onto www. blaauwkrantztours.co za for further information about this tour. This is a book well researched and worth reading.

Sylvia Wright

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