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When Patrick began to focus, he vaguely made out the lovely face staring down at him and smilingly welcoming him back to the land of the living. I must be in heaven, he thought and this was an angel smiling down at him. But this was a black angel, and angels were all supposed to be white ..... not black ..... or were there black angels .....

Jacques had honed his skills through the years. He was very, very good. He could follow tracks virtually anywhere even across pure granite outcrops. His eyes saw the clues; broken cobwebs, bruised blades of grass, damaged termite mounds, the alarm calls of animals. If someone urinated on the ground he could age it by the state of the crust that had formed on the soil. The enemy was good but so was Jacques.

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This Bleeding Piece of Earth

This is a very readable book about Rhodesia/Zimbabwe. The story centres around two men, friends from childhood, the one becomes a wealthy mining magnate and the other President of the country, Their lives are torn apart by the bush war that engulfs the land and their friendship is sorely tested. There can really be only one solution to the problem besetting the country. The love and the passion the author has for the land of his birth is noticeable. The pages echo this yearning and feeling for its people,the animals and the environment. The battle scenes are not pleasant but then no war is pretty. The book races along and there are no dull patches. Ben Bezuidenhout must be congratulated for having tackled a book such as this.

John Wessels

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