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When I arrived she took me to the bathroom and, bending down, picked up the tooth that we had been hunting for. With a flourish, she held it up to the light for me to examine. At that moment the tooth slipped out of her fingers and plunged down the toilet and disappeared!

Eventually the gathering began to disperse and as Cynthia's friends moved her towards the door, she remarked," Oh what a pity we're leaving. Just when I am beginning to enjoy myself I am told to f......off."

George's wife had alzheimers and one day George found her ambling down the road to the main gate and out the farm. He drove alongside her and said gently, "Come dear let me take you home."
"Who are you?" she asked.
"My darling, I am your husband George."
"You're not George. You are too ugly.".

As Alec got older I spent a great deal of time talking to him and, of course, the main topic of conversation was rugby. He knew the end was nigh and his remark to me, one day, was :
"Well, I am passed the goal line and fast approaching the dead-ball line."

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Never a Dull Moment
(Life In A Retirement Centre)

Having spent ten years as manager of a Retirement Centre, it has been a privilege and, indeed, an honour to have lived amongst such wonderful people.
To write about some of the occurrences that have taken place during my tenure at the Retirement Centre may appear as if I have no respect for these fine folk. This is not the case and no disrespect is intended. The people that I refer to would be the first to say they would enjoy reading about the situations and stories they were involved in.
To many people out there in the wide world, a Retirement Centre is probably a place of dread and misery, the final walk into the sunset and something they hope will never happen to them. However, old age comes to everybody, eventually, and this is not necessarily the end of the road.
My wife and I have met marvelous people and, to many of them, a move to a Retirement Centre is a new beginning. They are mixing with people their own age, talking "the same language" and, now, they can develop hobbies and accomplish things they always wanted to do but did not have the time previously.
New challenges, new friends and time on one's hands can work wonders and here is a simple message to those out there.
A Retirement Centre can spell hope, safety, peace of mind, a new beginning and a sense of belonging.

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