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Was there such a place as Mushandike National Park?

The answer is a resounding YES. It is still there and is one of Zimbabwe's most beautiful National Parks. When the author lived there in charge of the Environmental Education School the Government of the day had actually set the vast park aside as an Educational Reserve for the children of the country. What a bold decision that was. For a tiny country to have taken that step way back in the Seventies was an ambitious achievement and indicates the forward thinking of the people of that land. It is an honour and a privilege to have been part of that ground breaking group of people.

Terror stalks the land of Zimbabwe in 2000. The Henderson family is wiped out and their farm seized. It is left to Bradley Henderson to mourn his family, pick up the pieces and to seek answers to the brutal murders. When the answers are not forthcoming and the deeds are seen to go unpunished, he is forced to rethink and plan another way forward.

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I Can't Walk Away

When Robert Mugabe instigated the third chimurenga (war) at the turn of the century, he unleashed thousands of war veterans onto the white farmlands in Zimbabwe and had the farmers evicted. During the course of this 'war' eleven farmers were killed. Many of them suffered indescribable torture and mutilation before dying. The killers of one farmer, David Stevens, drank his blood after torturing him to death. To date no one has been brought before a court of law in that country to account for the murders. This book is dedicated to my friend David Stevens and to those who lost their lives.
What is just to one person seems gross injustice to another. What one group considers evil is another's good. Is there no wrong, no right beyond the impasse of conflicting perceptions? When ordinary men and women beyond political loyalties, beyond inherited culture, beyond ideologies and beliefs see and know that certain kinds of deeds go unpunished, that the claims of justice and the rule of law are unheeded, then it is that some begin to dream that good will triumph over evil, a shining knight save the maiden, a new sheriff clean up the town, that sanity and truth will emerge from the primal terror that stalks the land.

This author is a dreamer .....

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